NODC School for Dental Assisting accepts students from all over the New Orleans area
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How long is the program?

Our Dental Assistant program consists of 15 classes, once a week on Saturdays. We are closed the weekend before Mardi Gras, Easter weekend and the weekend before Labor Day. Depending on which session you choose, your class will be 16-17 weeks in duration.


When and where are the classes held?

We offer two Dental Assisting sessions per year: January-May or July-November. Choose which session works best for you! The classes are held in an actual dental office (New Orleans Dental Center in Harvey, LA) using actual dental equipment and supplies, on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.


What are the qualifications to enroll?

Any person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age is eligible to apply. No high school diploma is required, but having a high school diploma or GED is highly encouraged. High school students, age 16 or 17 may apply on the condition that he/she has an overall grade point average of B, exhibits a high degree of maturity for his/her age, and has his/her parent’s or guardian’s permission to attend the School.


What is the cost of the program?

The total of cost of the program is $3700.00. A $100.00 non-refundable Registration Fee is required to when turning in your Enrollment Contract and Application for Admission. The remaining $3600.00 (Tuition/Textbook Fee/Radiology Test/Certificate Fee) is due at Open House, approximately 3 weeks before the start of class.


Is the school licensed?

Yes--N.O.D.C. School for Dental Assisting is a private, proprietary, coeducational school registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State. It is licensed and regulated by the State of Louisiana Board of Regents.


Do you accept financial aid?

Our 15 week Dental Assisting program is 75 hours in duration. Only programs that are much longer in duration (full time, 8 or more months) qualify for financial aid. These programs tend to cost up to 3 times more than the cost of our program. Because our program is only about a third of the cost of these longer programs, our students find it easier to apply for a personal loan instead. We recommend Gulf South Bank, as they are conveniently located in our building, but any outside financing is accepted. We also accept all major credit/debit cards.


What will I learn?

Our innovative and unique, hands-on course in Dental Assisting was designed to give you the best foundational knowledge and skills necessary to start your new career, at a minimum cost of time and expense. We offer this opportunity from the perspective of practicing and experienced dental assistants, in the setting of an actual dental office. While we will strive to give you exposure to a wide range of techniques, materials, and dental knowledge, we will focus on the skills that dentists see as core necessities for job acquisition. Classes will have a mix of lecture/class discussion and clinical studies in the dental operatories.

Instruction is provided in the following essential areas:
 Oral and head/neck anatomy and tooth morphology
 Dental terminology
 Chairside assisting for “four-handed” dentistry
 Instrument and equipment maintenance
 Disease transmission prevention, infection control and sterilization
 Impression taking and laboratory procedures
 Office emergency management
 Dental radiography, including testing for a radiology certificate
  approved by the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry
 Job interview techniques


What is the career demand for dental assistants?

The job opportunities for trained dental assistants are quite good in today’s marketplace.  The dental profession always seems to face a shortage of trained assistants. Doctors may call our school asking for a list of recent graduates, and we inform our current class of any doctors needing dental assistants, so that they may apply directly for those positions.


What can graduates expect to earn at their first jobs?

Offices in a metropolitan area generally pay higher salaries than those in suburban areas, and different parts of the country have different pay ranges for their employees. Graduates of our course can expect to start well above the pay scale of those with no experience, but less than experienced dental assistants. As your experience and skills develop with time on the job, your salary level should also rise.


How do I get more information or enroll?

Call the School directly at (504) 341-0003 and one of our Instructors will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also email us at to request more information.
To tour the facility, call the Dental Office at (504) 347-6000 and request an appointment. After the tour, you can fill out the Application for Admission and Enrollment Contract. Submit these forms with your $100.00 registration fee and you will be enrolled in our next session. It’s that easy! Classes fill up quickly, so call today and take the next step in starting your career as a Dental Assistant!



NODC School for Dental Assisting accepts students from all over the New Orleans area
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NODC School for Dental Assisting
Located in New Orleans Dental Center
1901 Manhattan Blvd., Suite F-201
Harvey, LA 70058
Phone: (504) 341-0003
Fax: (504) 367-6232