NODC School for Dental Assisting accepts students from all over the New Orleans area
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Please print and complete our Enrollment Contract and Application for Admission
and read the information below!


Admission Requirements and Procedures

Any person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age is eligible to apply to N.O.D.C. School for Dental Assisting. Each applicant must exhibit willingness and enthusiasm to learn the art of dental assisting. No high school diploma is required.

A high school student, age 16 or 17, may apply to N.O.D.C. School for Dental Assisting on the condition that he/she has an overall grade point average of B, exhibits a high degree of maturity for his/her age, and has his/her parent’s or guardian’s permission to attend the School.

An Open House will be conducted for all interested students and their families, approximately two to three (2-3) weeks prior to the first class of each course. This is an opportunity for students and family to tour the facility and for the students to meet each other. In addition, it serves as a question-and-answer period for students, family and faculty.

Admissions at N.O.D.C. School for Dental Assisting are conducted throughout the year. Admission Representatives are available, by appointment, Monday through Friday from 8:00AM and 5:00PM. Those applicants who apply during an ongoing course or a full course will be given first consideration for enrollment in the next course.

Each applicant must complete, in his/her own handwriting, a N.O.D.C. School for Dental Assisting Application for Admission and Enrollment Contract. The application and contract will be reviewed by a School Admissions Representative or School Director, in the presence of the prospective student. The decision to offer enrollment to an applicant will be based on the admissions application and this meeting. A non-refundable $100.00 registration fee is due when submitting the application and contract. The tuition balance, $3600.00, is due at Open House, two to three (2-3) weeks prior to the first class. A parent or legal guardian of an applicant who is under eighteen (18) years of age must also sign the Enrollment Contract.


Information Regarding Pregnancy and Enrollment

Although not mandatory, we strongly recommend that if an applicant knows she is pregnant prior to the start of the course, she wait to enroll until after her delivery. We have found from experience that, due to the short nature of the course and the extensive amount of information taught therein, it is very likely that a pregnant student will suffer-either physically, or by missing enough of the course to be unable to graduate with her class. No pregnancy is completely predictable. Any student who is pregnant must submit to the School, no later than Week 3 of the course, a letter from her physician stating that she is allowed to take radiographs on a fellow student. No radiographs will be taken on a student who knows (or suspects) she is pregnant.


Statement of Non-Discrimination

No applicant or student shall be excluded from participation, denied any benefits, or subjected to any form of discrimination because of sex, race, age, creed, religion, national origin, or physical handicap.



Recent students at NODC School for Dental Assisting
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NODC School for Dental Assisting
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